About LWC

Over the past few years, and actually the past year, a lot of new initiatives have surfaced in the area of creating so called language workbenches – aiming at facilitating the definition and use of DSLs and code generation.

We believe each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses, and none is ‘the best’ for every purpose. Still, a lot of people keep asking for the best workbench.

In order to help people get more insight into what is available and possible, we organize the Language Workbench Challenge. This is a recurring workshop, held on the day before the Code Generation conference in Cambridge.


The idea for LWC11 originates from a group of people who met in the preparations for, and during CodeGeneration 2010: Markus Völter, Eelco Visser, Steven Kelly, Angelo Hulshout, Jos Warmer, Pedro J. Molina, Bernhard Merkle and Karsten Thoms. In 2012, this groups served as a background advisory board for organisers Angelo Hulshout and Paul Zenden. In 2013, Tijs van der Storm joined and came up with the challenge assignment for 2013.

Starting 2014, LWC has it’s own program committee, consisting of

  • Meinte Boersma
  • Sebastian Erdweg
  • Angelo Hulshout
  • Steven Kelly
  • Tijs van der Storm
  • Markus Völter


LWC inquiries: submission@languageworkbenches.net

Submission of content: submission@languageworkbenches.net

Discussion group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/languagewb

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