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Dutch and German Languages, workbenches, books and Ph.D.’s

During the last edition of the Language Workbench Challenge, and Code Generation we noticed that quite a significant part of the delegates were from the The Netherlands. We also concluded that despite the fact that the XText folks were not there this year, there is also quite a bit of language construction and code generation going on in Germany. Where last year (or was it two years ago), I discussed with Steven Kelly that a lot of DSL and code generation related things come from Europe, not so much from e.g. the United States, it seems that in Europe things start to narrow down to The Netherlands and Germany (and Jyväskylä) – or is this only because of the way in and locations where Code Generation and the Language Workbench Challenge are advertised? However, a fact is that quite a few Dutch people have build their Ph.D. theses around environments like Spoofax (Delft University), that Rascal is used extensively for training purposes at the University of Amsterdam, companies like Océ, FEI Company and ASML are increasing their MDD activities and Xtext and MPS are extensively being used in Germany. Actually, we should all attend another Ph.D. defense on June 18th, when Markus Völter is defending his thesis at Delft University. Hmmm, that’s Germany and The Netherlands again…

Markus Völter’s 2012 book, in 2014 he’ll defend his Ph.D. thesis

LWC2014 Reference implementation updated

Today, we made a small update to the reference implementation of the LWC 2014 assignment. Now, the reference implementation includes a conditionalFormElementWidget, next to simpleFormElementWidget, which allows the use of individual conditional questions, without having to wrap them in a conditionalGroupWidget.

It’s a small change, that will not affect the models created by LWC participants, but it may affect their code generators if they want to use it. Did we cause problems for them now? Hopefully not – this is the type of change to be expected in a real life situation as well.

Updates are available in the LWC2014 Git repository: