Correction update on the CfP for LWC 2014

About a week ago, we released the CfP for the Language Workbench 2014.  As some people have pointed out, the rules are a bit more strict than in past years, because we feel we need to focus more on the actual subject of the LWC: Language Workbenches (LWB). There are many ways to do model driven development and code generation, of which LWB are only one. All of these are candidate to be discussed at the CodeGeneration conference, with which we have co-located the LWC.

However, we did find a small flaw in the CfP that may lead to confusion. The criteria state that

participating tools should be language workbenches, that is, tools that are designed

specifically for efficiently defining, integrating and using domain specific languages in an

Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Embedded, fixed-language or library-based

solutions do not meet this criterion.

I’d like to point out here (and have updated the CfP PDF accordingly) that the word EMBEDDED here refers to EMBEDDED DSLs, i.e. DSLs that are used to extend a (3GL) programming language, using macro’s, pragma or whatever facilities that programming language provides. It does not refer to embedding of a language workbench into an existing IDE that may also be used for other purposes than DSL creation and use, such as Eclipse or Visual Studio.

Should there be any other doubts or questions about the CfP, don’t hesitate to contact us via!

Regards on behalf of the program committee,

Angelo Hulshout

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